I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land where I work and practice, the Jagera and Turrbal people of Meanjin. I also pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.

Anna Litwinowicz’s art practice explores her lived experience of the natural world as a way to address existential questions that stem from research into philosophy, theoretical physics, and science. To engage with these broad fields, Anna creates multi-channel video installations that evoke emotive experiences and meditative states. These immersive installations prompt viewers to reflect upon technology’s role in replacing actual experiences of nature with those that are mediated and inauthentic. In essence, the work not only mirrors the artist’s ambivalent feelings about the authenticity of her existence, it also invites audiences to reflect on what may be lost in their own digitally mediated experiences of nature. 

Anna's work predominantly consist of a series of multi-channel video installations that depict an array of natural landscapes that have been digitally manipulated to create alternate perspectives of reality. The works use a variety of cameras including a drone to document various perspectives of natural environments, which is then edited in post-production, distorting the imagery and creating new soundscapes to enhance their contemplative potential. Each work is conceived and installed in multi-channel form using either screens or video projections in order to fully immerse the viewer in these emotive experiences.

Anna's experience within the industry has consisted of internships undertook at the Institute of Modern ArtGOMA and the QUT Art Museum. For three years, Anna also held the position as the administration assistant at Eyeline Publishing, which derived from an initial intern position. As well as this Anna, for the period of 2017/18, held the role as President of the QUT student art collective, Post Datum. The collective hosted group exhibitions and social events, as well as creating publications. This allowed Creative Industry students of QUT an opportunity to gain networks and practical experience within the industry. More recently in 2019, Anna was selected as one of the eighteen artists to exhibit in Hatched national graduate show held at PICA.