Anna Litwinowicz (she/her) is primarily a messy human inclusive of inhabiting a role as an emerging artist. Most days you can find her re-watching The Office (US version) and struggling to grasp the concept of being a meat sack on a rock floating in the middle of nowhere. She has an overactive imagination that has manifested into a low-key obsession with metaphysical spaces and the lives we live in our heads. Two key questions she asks relative to her art practice are: how can I physically recreate the metaphysical experiences I have and how do I make the internal externally accessible.


As this area is broad, Anna investigates this space through creating experiential installations that not only mimic her metaphysical experiences but also emulate a space for existential contemplation. Materially these installations are constructed of light, ethereal soundscapes and multi-channel videos (screens/projections) that depict mediated experiences of nature. The conceptual and material elements paired together create a tailored experience of a space to not only engage with the outer physical senses of a viewer but also to probe the inner workings of one’s consciousness (in a safe way ofc).


In terms of Anna’s career, she has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art) with a Distinction at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and essentially got burnt out. She was completing a Master of Philosophy in Creative Practice however is now on a hiatus. In the meantime, she has done some fun things, for example in 2019 she was one of the finalists for the National Graduate Prize, Hatched, annually held at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA). Anna has been in a number of group exhibitions nationally and held her first solo show at Outer Space in 2019 as a result of an artist residency in Lutruwita (Tasmania). Since then, Anna has been navigating how to sustain an art practice while nurturing her mental health throughout a pandemic. As shes been finding her feet, Anna recently has been in the group exhibition, Her Beauty and Her Terror, at the Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, where she has had the privilege to engage in discussions about the Australian landscape. 


Anna right now though is currently having a cup of tea and living by the beach with her fur baby, Willow, where she is continuing her masters project, developing new artwork and attempting to live more mindfully (with all the messiness and strangeness that comes with that).