Event Horizon (2018) is a nine minute and eighteen second video that depicts an ocean and its horizon on right angles practically falling off the edges of the Earth. The perspective of the video takes form from above as if an onlooker is hovering over its existence and experiencing the awe and wonder involved with the nature defying landscape. The only movement within the video is the ocean that calmly ripples back and forth against the ethereal sounds. Together the imagery and sound creates an astral plane that dance on the transcendental nature of the Sublime. The visuals of an ocean is familiar however when combined with effects of sharp right angles creates a shape of the Earth and defies what humans know as a natural environment. 

Event Horizon, 2019, two-channel synchronised 4k video projection with sound

Event Horizon (2018) (production still).

Event Horizon (production still), 2019, two-channel synchronised 4k video projection with sound