Flux (2018), is a two-screen video installation comprised of a forty-two-inch screen situated on the floor and the other placed diagonally above on the wall. The video content of each screen differs between a static image of a backwards-flowing waterfall, and a floating perspective journeying through heavily mirrored trees. A dreamy soundscape of chimes, soft water flowing and a high-pitched angelic ring accompanies the work. Both videos have been digitally manipulated in post-production with light and hue enhancements and mirror effects, which combined with sound, create an unearthly experience.


The relationship between the two screens is found within their digital content, as each video was filmed in the same location providing an alternating perspective of the one landscape. The installation begins to re-map the documented site through the added visual effects and placement of the screens, which create a literal alternate reality of this environment. Redefining how this landscape is perceived digitally creates an untouchable view of this landscape that can only be experienced through the installation, which evokes emotions associated with the sublime of confusion, curiosity and fear of the unknown. 

Flux (2018).jpg

Flux, 2018, two-channel video installation with sound

Comp 1 (0;00;19;19).jpg

Flux (production still), 2018, two-channel video installation

Comp 2 (0;00;08;27).jpg

Flux (production still), 2018, two-channel video installation