Sound for the Trees (2018) is a sound installation consisting of a single speaker placed amongst the trees in a forest. The sound from the speaker comprises of a soundscape using tropes of meditation sounds, which includes audio of dreamy voices, chimes, low hums and air tones. These sounds have been extracted from previous video works and combined with new sounds. When installed in a tangible environment, this creates a new context for the idea of a reconstructed landscape. Adding to the auditory experience are sounds from the site, where the audio of the viewer engaging with the space as well as the happenings of natural phenomena blend together to create an angelic soundtrack. The combination of artificial and natural sounds activates the space to create a surreal and meditative experience for the viewer. Feelings associated with this experience are found within the realm of the sublime, where the viewer is subjected to experience the site from a new perspective that has been evoked by the added sounds. 


Sound for the Trees, 2018, sound installation