The Uninvited (2018) is an installation of a synthetic greenhouse placed in a forest environment. The greenhouse is constructed with green plastic tubing and joins, and covered with clear PVC that is lined with green trimmings. The zippers in the PVC that form a door have intentionally been closed up isolating the outside world, which creates irony by defying the primary functions of a greenhouse. These material qualities create an unsettling tension as the intensions and origins of the greenhouse are unknown. Also paired with the title of ‘The Uninvited’, it is as if the greenhouse is imposing on its environment and acts as a dormant metaphysical monster. 


The idea of a metaphysical monster stems from my research into art-horror, which explores the emotions evoked by monsters that defy the natural world. I have employed this methodology by exploring how a greenhouse can communicate this idea by creating tension with its environment. This tension forms an underlying fear towards the unknown nature of the greenhouse, and also plays with deception, which highlights my existential questions through addressing my fears and peculiarity that I feel towards my own existence. 

DSC_1510 small.jpg

The Uninvited, 2018, installation documentation, dimensions variable