Transience (2018) is an installation of two portrait-orientated screens with looped videos, and a viewing platform of Astroturf for the viewer to sit on. The digital content of both screens depict imagery of a forest, the left screen shows a video of a static composition of distorted flowing water, and the right displays a symmetrical narrow valley where the perspective drifts towards the light. Sound has been added to enhance the viewing experience, where the space is filled with a drumming bass hum, ghostly voices and chimes. 

Together the visuals and sound create a meditative space for a moment, however towards the end of the loop, the floating perspective of the video on the right screen abruptly shifts and disturbs the space. This alters the mood within the room as the disruption shifts the perception of the sound and visuals.

This cycle between order and disorder is intended to be viewed repeatedly, which is suggested by the duration and viewing mats of Astroturf, which are levelled with the floor-based screens. The arc of the viewing experience is detrimental to this work as its cyclical nature of the distorted environment and timely disruption creates an uncomfortable emotional journey.

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Transience, 2018, two-channel 4k video installation with sound