TRAVERSE is a three-channel video projection with sound depicting a twelve-minute journey through four large-scale distorted natural landscapes. The imagery of the environment reflects Anna’s subjective experience of the diverse alpine environment in the Leeawuleena (Lake St Clair) National Park where she spent three weeks undertaking an artist residency during Winter this year.


Accompanying the projected imagery, sounds of low organs and ethereal drones are heard with subtleties of a violin and onsite recordings from the environment, which have been made in collaboration with emerging composer, Claire Litwinowicz. Additionally, distant sounds of two supermassive black holes colliding echoes between the transitions of snow and forest environments.


Over time the sounds grow, and the taunting slow warps and pulses of the landscapes become more evident, which leads into a climax of nothingness and comes down peacefully; a reflection of Anna’s ambivalent feelings towards her existence. This sublime experience is meditative yet menacing evoking a space for contemplation.


Note: I have received filming permission from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre to create this project. I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Leeawuleena (Lake St Clair) National Park where this project was created, and I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging of this region.  

TRAVERSE 1.2.jpg

TRAVERSE (production stills), 2019, two-channel synchronised 4k video projection with sound


TRAVERSE, 2019, two-channel synchronised 4k video projection with sound