Void II (2018), is a three-channel video installation with sound, which depicts a ten-minute looped digital video of a forest. The digital imagery has been manipulated in post-production with a mirror effect to create an infinite landscape. Central to the composition is a valley of rocks, and water that slowly ripples back and forth, which directs the focus into the void.


The scale and intensity of the imagery along with sounds of a gushing waterfall, birds chirping, light rain, and a variety of harmonious tones create an immersive environment. Over the duration of the ten-minutes, the mirrored trees slowly pulse to create a sense that the warped environment is alive, which induces the viewer to subconsciously breathe with the movement. The repetitiveness of the pulsing and constant surreal imagery paired with the sounds, grows into a haunting experience where the viewer feels as if they are trapped in a dream. 

Void II (2019) (HATCHED) (brighter) copy

Void II, 2019, three-channel synchronised 4k video installation with sound, AstroTurf

Void II (2018) (small size).jpg

Void II, 2018, three-channel synchronised 4k video installation with sound