Welcome Home (2018) is an installation work of a thin long rectangular light box holding letters that say, ‘welcome to hell’. The sign has been installed on the floor of a dense forest environment where it is leaning against a tree. The green and brown tones of the environment allow the letters to be illuminated by the bright white light. This juxtaposition makes the letters clear and easy to read making them unmissable and obvious. The forest environment is symbolic of the home of Earth and also creates a meditative environment.


Conceptually this work was informed by my research into the philosophy of Religion and black humour, which is reflected in the choice of text that revolves around the concept of ‘hell on Earth’. Tension is created between the different elements where the context of the materials has been altered, usually a lightbox acts as welcoming signage. The sign depicts being welcomed home but in fact you are being welcomed to hell.

DSC_1517 small.jpg

Welcome Home, 2018, light box installation, dimensions variable